Changing the Excerpt length of a post

When you write a blog post, your blog should be able to display a small excerpt length on the main blog page, and then the entire article is linked to the shortened excerpt. When the ‘read more’ button or link is pressed, the reader is taken to the single-post page that is indexed and linked to the excerpt article – the entire article is then displayed in full on the single post page along with any media such as videos and images on that page. I hope this helps to explain a basic core functionality of a WordPress blog.

WordPress Editors

When adding content to your WordPress site, you may want an easy way to format the text. What many novice bloggers do not understand is that publishing to the web is a lot different than writing in a word processor meant for printing, creating PowerPoint presentations, or saving a pdf file.

Publishing a WordPress post still creates HTML formatted content and the appearance is controlled in the most part by CSS style sheets

Enabling advanced editing options can give the blog user unlimited options when it comes to formatting their posts.
Now is the time to test many of the new features of the Tiny MCE WordPress plugin!